Arizona Cardinals cornerback Jeff Gladney killed in car crash at age of 25

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Jeff Gladney passed away at the age of 25 following a crash in his car His agent confirmed.

“We need prayers to the entire family as well as privacy at this very difficult moment,” his agent, Brian Overstreet, said in a letter to the Fort-Worth-based Fort-Worth-based Star-Tele.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours on Monday the 26-year-old female driver is believed to be dead. According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department said the vehicle was moving at high speed along the Woodall Rodgers Freeway when it hit a vehicle ahead of it. It lost control, before striking the beam at in the early morning hours of 2.30am the next morning. The drivers of the other vehicle did not suffer any injuries.

“We are shocked to hear about Jeff Gladney’s death,” the Cardinals said in an announcement. “Our hearts are with his family friends, family and all who are grieving this devastating loss.”

Gladney was a top player at TCU prior to being picked to the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of 2020’s NFL draft. He was a part of every single game during his first season.

“Our TCU Athletics family, and in particular our football team was devastated to learn of the death of Jeff Gladney,” said TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati. “After getting his degree, and then continuing his professional career playing in the NFL, Jeff kept his close ties to TCU. He was awed by everything about the school he attended as a student. He often came to campus and was present at our spring practices as well as the Spring game last year, with his son.”

Former TCU teammate Jalen reagor, now a player with the Philadelphia Eagles, expressed his sorrow via Twitter. “Lost my brother my closest friend, my best guy… there’s not much I want to lose, damn! R.I.P Jeff Gladney, brother take care of me,” wrote Reagor.

It was reported that the Vikings let go of Gladney on April 20, 2021 following his arrest on charges that of assaulting his girlfriend. Gladney was not found guilty of those accusations in February 2022, and the Cardinals took him on shortly after.

Gladney was the 2nd young NFL player to be killed in a traffic accident this season. On April 1, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was killed by a truck when his vehicle ran out of gasoline and he had to leave the car on the freeway.

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